L'oreal Sunkiss Jelly

12:34 Amy 0 Comments

I have had this product in my hair product basket for quite some time now, with spring nearly among us I am excited to see what the results will be with using this product.

It claims to give a sun kissed look without the damage and it appeals to me that it gradually lightens your hair which is a positive to. The product comes in three shade so you can buy the one that fits your current hair most. I wanted to use the product to enhance my balayage hair (Light Brown/Blonde).  

I like the quote "Summer In A Tube"  As for application it is so simple you squeeze a little amount onto your hands and place into onto your hair, so if its just to brighten your ombre/balayage then you can just apply to those areas. I have been applying it all over so that my hair will blend nicely. You can put the product on wet or dry hair I find it easy to apply after washing my hair on towel dried hair. It does state that you can use a hairdryer to help as the heat will intensify the results. I just leave my hair to dry naturally as I don't like to use to much heat on my hair. 

I have only just started using the product so in a few weeks after applying twice weekly I will post up some results and let you know whether the product is true to its description on the box.

The shade I have is Light Brown to Dark Blonde and the product is priced at around £5.99.
Have you tried this product or any other lightening products?