Music - A Little Escape

08:17 Amy 3 Comments

Music hasn't always been my go to relaxation over the years but I have recently been listening to music more often and it's brought back so many memories both sad and happy personal experiences.

I feel that music can give you the sense of escape from the real world which everyone one needs at some point which is so inspiring that it can be so powerful to do this.

There are so many songs what mean a lot to me and for very different reasons to:

There are a selection of songs from my past of dancing throughout secondary school which make me sad and happy at the same time which is a strange feeling to have. I miss dancing now I am 21 and real life kicks in I just don't have the time. But It also reminds me how happy I was to be in the zone and to be a part of dance shows and stage productions to be able to forget the world and just to concentrate on the movements of my body. The song "I Did It My Way" always brings a tear to my eye as it was playing the last time I ever danced properly, my last dance lesson at school before leaving.

Another song that will always hold a special place for me is "I will wait for you" My boyfriend, who was my best friend at this time sent me the link to the song through youtube and I remember listening to the song and it broke my heart, this one the first realisation that I had that he liked me more than a friend and I was so overwhelmed I used to play it over and over again. Me being 14 years old I had never had anyone feel that way about me. That song amongst other little chats started a wonderful and memorable start for me and my boyfriend and we are still together seven and a half years later. We also share other songs together which always make me smile and remember all of the reason I love him so much.

What influence does music have on your life?



  1. Aw those are such nice memories to have attached to songs- especially the last one! I've always found it strange that music can have such an effect on our brains. Most songs from my school years have some sort of school memory attached to them, so I love listening to those!

    1. It does have a huge effect! It's amazing really it can make you feel so many different emotions.


  2. I love how easily we all relate to music. Like you said a lot of stuff is dance related, I still play songs I danced to when I was little and sometimes remember the routines (utter crazy!) I sometimes wish I could have keptsake music through my younger ages like what I listened to and stuff on CDS so that I could have kept it forever!