Makeup Revolution- Golden Sugar

06:50 Amy 2 Comments

Blush Palette "Golden Sugar"

Where to begin with this product, it is simply beautiful and and a must have for every woman's make up collection. I was so happy to see that Make Up revolution had also included a mirror which impressed me straight away. It was a mere £6 and it was worth every penny!

It contains eight different shades, mostly shimmers and one matte colour. The silver colour is a little to light to do anything with other than to highlight are the eye area, which I don't tend to do. But as for the other seven shades and have used them  in my everyday make up routine at some point,

What I love is that the shades are different from one another and distinct in their own way. From silver to gold and to pink and more of a bronzing effect. giving you plenty of choice to choose from depending on the look you are going for.

Have you tried any of the Makeup Revolution blushers or bronzers?



  1. Such a lovely palette! I have the Sugar & Spice palette version and love the colours! Do you find the colours too shimmery? X

    Farzana | Aspiring Londoner

  2. I find them just right for my skin complexion, but everyones different. The colours are lovely and a nice selection to choose from.