OOTD - Jumpsuit Season

15:20 Amy 5 Comments

This is my first outfit day of the post, I was searching through my holiday clothes from last year and found this beautiful jump suit. The sun was shining so there I simply had to put it on Spring is the season for long jumpsuits! I tried the best I could with the photos to show you but as you can see the sun was constantly in my eyes no matter where I positioned myself.

Anyways, this jump suit is from Primark - If you follow me already you will know Primark is my number one shop recently but I can go shopping crazy when I am in there lately It's not good!

This beauty was priced at £12 when I purchased it last year I can't wait to see what jumpsuits Primarks bring out this year I love them they are so comfy and lightweight.

What are your views on jump suits?


  1. Very pretty! You look great in it! I'm not a very fashionable peson so I've not got many thoughts on jump suits to be honest. Primark is a good little shop. Always something pretty in there!

    1. It made my day finding this is last years Summer clothes collection! It is a little big big for me as I have lost some weight, hoping I can adjust it!

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