Yankee Candle Wish List

07:30 Amy 3 Comments

I have started to form a Yankee candle collection and have created a wish list. The Etched Heart melt warmer is £11.99 I like the simplicity of it and it would go be able to go in any room as it's not a vivid colour.

They have also brought out a Cafe Culture range they look amazing never mind what they will smell like. They are priced at £1.49 which seems a little steep I am sure Yankee have been putting their prices up I remember buying them for £1.05 in a range of shops.

Are there any Yankee Candles your eager to try out?


  1. I LOVE the super sweet ones they do - I always try and find the Christmas collections on eBay haha.

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    1. Never thought to do that ha, my mum always keeps me in good supplies so it's all good xx

  2. I'm about to work with Yankee Candle so I'm super excited to try them. My Mum accidentally blew a red Christmas one out and the wax went everywhere. Uh oh.

    Great post lovely.
    Emma Louise xx