Très Petite

18:30 Amy 2 Comments

So as most of you have probably soon due to the change of my Twitter username is that Petite View has now changed to Tres Petite. When setting up my blog originally as Petite view it was one of the name I kind of settled on but never really fell in love with it. I have always known I wanted to keep the word "Petite" involved as this sums me up as I am only 5ft1 which I am proud to be after years of wishing I was taller so this word means a lot to me.

I have been writing and thinking about idea to link with this one words for a few months and then last night I was browsing the internet for Petite clothing and I came across this T-shirt from New Look.

I instantly fell in love after going through the names like La Petite and more towards the cute quirky French words and I instantly fell in love! Therefore I feel as though I have found the perfect name to fit myself and my blog and I am so happy that I was internet shopping and came across this, the only problem now Is I need this T-shirt so badly!!

I would love to hear your thoughts on blog name changes and if you have done this yourself.


  1. That is such a cute idea! I've always thought french words like La and Tres add that little something and seem so much more famine. I don't know why, ha! I think the new name really suits your blog, I really like it :) x

    1. Yeah I love, love my name so much growing on me more and more xx