Some Fresh Air

20:24 Amy 0 Comments

Take a walk in my shoes, it may still be muddy and wet but I have a pair of boots that are my get what you want on them shoes. Any other pair of shoes I would be mortified at the thought of getting them dirty.

I went for a walk with my other half to get some fresh air and walking costs you nothing, which is a big help as we are saving every penny we can. Plus taking a camera along gives you something to focus on also, I am still not very good at using my camera but I do love that I can learn, my boyfriend is fairly good and he does try very hard to show me how to adjust everything but I need everything at a touch of a button I can be very impatient.

It was nice to explore our surroundings that were so close to home, it was sunny but cold but that didn't stop us.

This shetland pony was so adorable, I only wish I could of got closer to show you all the little shaven heart, you can just about to see this on the photo. It was amazing how many people were out and about walking around looking at the sheep, horses and ponies. 

To top it off there was lots of sheeps, which many people link with spring. I think it would be lovely to visit a farm and see the baby lambs being born and to have a go at feeding them. I say that I would probably be scared to feed them so watch my other half feed them. I like animals but I do get a little scared when up close to them. A dog is my limit!

I really enjoyed our morning out, I'm looking forward to more walks especially now the weather is picking up. Have you been on any interesting walks lately?