Love for other bloggers

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Photo taken on last years Holiday - Beach In Lanzarote

I think as bloggers it's lovely to see everyone supporting each other which really restore faith in humanity. Blogging can have it's ups and downs but a lot of time a compliment helps with that inspiration and push you need to carry on.

Olivia from has inspired me to reach out to more bloggers, it's so nice getting to know many of you. Mainly because we all have a blog in common for starters. Olivia has been tweeting many beautiful, inspiring bloggers and sharing the love with the hashtag #ShareLove
sending tweets with compliments which is so nice to see.

I have starting to form friendships with other bloggers and I love being able to chat about anything with them and not be judged. Twitter chats are always a good way to meet and find other bloggers with the same interests. 

It's hard to only pick 3 bloggers that I love the moments, there are so many that are unique and that's what I love about them. So go on and share some blog love!

Here are three blogs that I love at the moment!


  1. This is such a lovely post and definitely something I need to get involved with more - so often I read a post and absolutely love it but I don't always tell the blogger just how much I enjoyed it, I'm really going to try to start tweeting people more :) I'm off to have a look at those blogs now, love finding new ones to read :)
    Love Holly x (fashion) (lifestyle)

    1. Yeah I used to be the same, I think a little compliment goes a long way. I know it makes my day when someone says something nice about my blog.