Alternative to Chocolate

17:59 Amy 2 Comments

Normally as easter approaches I am desperate to buy a Cadbury cream egg one and I would sit there a eat the whole lot! 

This year my lifestyle has been different I changed my eating habits to lose weight. So I'm going to try and stay on plan that doesn't mean can't have a little bit of chocolate but I intend of sticking to my diet. 

I've come up with alternatives to still enjoy easter.

These beautiful lush bath bombs are a great way to relax and to still have some bunny love without indulging in a chocolate covered one.

Photos Credit To Lush.Com
Golden Egg £3.75, Hoppity Poppity £2.50, Egg Hunt £4.50, Harvey £3.75,  Bunch of carrots £5.95, Immaculate Eggception Yellow £6.95

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There are also these Yankee Candle goodies which will probably last you longer than some chocolate, Bunny Cake £19.99, Jelly Beans £19.99, Easter Bunny Tea Light Holder £6.99
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Or fancy a treat for your nails? Models Own have an amazing speckled egg nail varnish collection in five different colours priced at £4.99 each.

Is anyone else having an alternative to chocolate for easter this year?



  1. I love this post Amy and I seriously admire your willpower; I scare myself with how much of a chocaholic I am!! The bunny bath bomb is my favourite from the Lush easter range and I love those models own nail polishes :)
    Happy easter lovely <3
    Love Holly x (fashion) (lifestyle)